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Spots and Freckles

Stimulate acupressure points for spots and freckles.

Spots and freckles increase with aging. There are various causes such as too much exposure to ultraviolet rays, decline in functions of internal organs, and stress.
To prevent or improve the spots and freckles, it is best to promote the metabolism of skin by stimulating acupressure points (internal secretion, adrenal gland, lungs). If the acupressure points are continuously stimulated, the freckles will be less noticeable. Simultaneously, please avoid the direct rays to skin and keep in mind to catch many food containing the vitamin A which promotes metabolism, B, C, and E.

Internal secretion

Internal secretion is located in the lower part of an ear hole (intertragic notch) Refer to the figure.

Adrenal gland

Adrenal gland is located just below the lower apex of tragus.

Lung points

A lung point is located near the center of the shallow dent routing to an ear hole (cavity of concha). Another lung point is located in the place vertically a little far from the lung point.

Stimulation method

Pinch the intertragic notch with an index finger and a thumb and then push and rub the part in a force that you can feel a little pain but comfortable. The internal secretion and the adrenal gland can be stimulated simultaneously.
For the lung points, use the nail of a thumb for stimulation. Place a thumb near the center of the cavity of concha with its nail positioned vertically and stimulate the two lung points simultaneously in a force that you can feel a little pain.
Normally, stimulate those acupressure points for a few minutes, two or three times a day.