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Ear acupressure diet

The ear is a treasury of acupressure points!

Don't you think that the ear resembles some kind of shape? Yes, the ear resembles the embryo that is in the mother's body.
Although the ear is a very small portion in our body, the acupressure points of 110 are concentrated in the ear. The eastern medicine says that where part of the body is bad can be noticed by seeing the ear. This method has been used for the judgment or the treatment of illness.
If the ear gets rash or dried, or the blood vessels stand out, it is the evidence suggesting that the body has trouble. It is thought that the internal organ corresponding to the troubled portion of the ear has weakened. Let's stimulate the troubled portion every day by carefully pushing or massaging. Since the ear is small, it is easy to stimulate the acupressure points, and since it is thin, there is an advantage that a stimulus is transmitted easily. Stimulating the acupressure points on the ear can be performed easily at any time. Please do it for your health enhancement.

Three major massage methods

The three major massage methods are "kneading", " rubbing", and "pulling." They are very effective for cosmetics and health maintenance.
Massaging for a while will get the body warm, relieve fatigue, and relax your mind. Additionally, massaging the ear improves the blood circulation, producing an effect such as fresh skin. To massage the ear, no need to find the acupressure points. Let's try the massage.


Place the thumb on the back of the ear. Knead the entire portion evenly by pinching the ear with the index finger.


Pinch the ear with the middle finger and the index finger, and rub it slowly carefully.


Pull the ear with a finger in the following order: pull up the upper part of the ear, pull outward the middle of the ear, and pull down the earlobe.