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If you are in trouble with hangover, stimulate acupressure points.

Have you ever drunk heavily due to broken heart, frustration, or just for having a spree, and you were troubled with a hangover? A hangover is a phenomenon in which a toxic substance remains in the body. It is caused when the liver function that decomposes alcohol cannot work anymore. Some people may have experienced that he was not able to concentrate on work all day long, because of the hangover. For a woman, be careful for the hangover because it adversely affects the beauty.
But if you are invited and cannot refuse it, or you cannot help but drink, stimulate acupressure points before drinking to avoid the hangover.


zuidian is located at a little upper of the cartilage which runs along the center of the ear. Desire to drink can be controlled by stimulating the zuidian.


ganzangdai is located at the lower of the cartilage which runs along the center of the ear. The liver functions can be improved by stimulating the ganzangdai.

Stimulation method

Use a fingertip, a matchstick, a toothpick, or a ball-point to stimulate each acupressure point. Attaching the half-cut grain onto the acupressure points with a tape and then sometimes pushing on the points with a finger is also effective.