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Ear acupressure diet II

One of the big causes that grow fat is stress.

Various stresses in human relations or a company may cause overeating. Energy in the body is easy to be influenced by mental damage. If the energy does not flow smoothly, metabolism will become blunt, not excreting excessive fat and fluid, growing fat.
At such time, it is best to massage the whole ear uniformly, to stimulate the acupressure points of an ear and to be relaxed.

Acupressure points in an ear

There are many acupressure points in an ear for calming nerves. Stimulating an ear by pulling will ease irritation and calm nerves gradually.

Stimulation method

Pinch the upper part of an ear and pull upward, pinch the middle part and pull outward, and pinch the lower part and pull downward. Do this stimulation with a thumb and an index finger for each of ear. Do this step for two to three minutes a day.