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Column on the ear acupressure points

The pierced earring has its roots in the medical treatment with the ear acupressure points?

Here is an episode bout the ear from China.
There was a village where embroidery was prosperous, and a beautiful girl lived was there. She was one of the best embroidery worker in the village and was very busy every day. One day, she suddenly lost her sight. It may be that the tiredness accumulated. Although she immediately went to see a doctor, it was ineffective. People in the village were saddened. A traveler came to the village. He saw the girl's condition and then let a needle pass in the middle of the girl's earlobe and remained the silk thread for embroidery passing through. Then, her eye sight was recovered enough to do embroidery.
Since then people in the village let the silk thread pass through the ear when the eyes were tired. The silk thread changed to a golden ring etc. for some reason and it became the present pierced earring.
In the middle of the earlobe, there is the acupressure point effective to eyes. This episode tells the mystery of the ear. In recent years, the ear treatment used in China is in the international spotlight.