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Get slim waistline by stimulating the acupressure points.

The waist is easy to have fat due to carelessness. To remove excess fat on the waist and get slim waistline, first remove tiredness of the waist. This is the point because a beautiful waistline will not be made if the tiredness of the waist remains. The acupressure points that have effects are the Shenshu and the Chishih. Stimulate these points and get a beautiful and slim waist.


The Shenshu is located in the right and left portions two fingers away from the spine just behind the belly. By stimulating the points, the function of the kidney is activated so that wastes such as useless moisture and fat are removed easily.


The Chishih is located in the portions two fingers outward from the Shenshu. As well as the Shenshu, stimulating this point activates the function of the kidney.

Stimulation method

Stand with the legs shoulder-width apart as shown in the figure, place the right and left thumbs on the Shenshu or the Chishih, and stimulate the points forcefully as the waist is pinched with both hands. Then, bend the upper body from the waist diagonally forward right with the back straightened and return to the original straight position. Repeat doing so for 10 times. And then, bend diagonally forward left and return to the original straight position. Also, repeat it for 10 times. When returning position, decrease the pressing force applied with the thumbs.