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For the body swollen due to tiredness, stimulate acupressure points.

When tiredness accumulates, the hand and foot, face, and body tend to be swollen. It's because the accumulated tiredness adversely affects the metabolism, resulting that the function of the kidney or a bladder is impaired, excessive moisture accumulates into the body, and the body is swollen. For who is easy to be fat due to much drinking water, stimulating the acupressure points is recommended because it's caused by decrease in the function related to the water metabolism.


The “Shuifen” is located in the portion extended by a finger from the navel, you can feel crisp touch at the portion. The “Shuifen” promotes the discharge of excessive moisture in a body.

Stimulation method

Place the index finger of the hand on that of the other (right index finger is lower for a woman, left index finger is lower for a man) and stimulate the “Shuifen” with the index fingers. Slowly stimulate the “Shuifen” for 20 to 30 times. However, do not stimulate it around one hour of a meal.