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Skin II - cosmetics edition -

Stimulating acupressure points can care damaged skin.

To maintain healthy and lively skin, improve the metabolism by promoting the blood circulation of the skin. The skin repeats the following process: the cell produced inside the epidermis is gradually pushed out of the skin, keratinized and becomes stratum corneum, and then comes off from the outer skin. If this circulation is interrupted, it may result in dry skin or spots. Therefore, improving the metabolism of the skin is important to maintain the healthy and lively skin. To improve the metabolism, stimulate the two acupressure points, “Yanglao” and “neifenmidian.”


The “Yahglao” has the function that raises circulation of the blood of the head. Therefore, stimulating it improves the blood circulation of skin and makes the metabolism active.


The “neifenmidian” is located in the inner lower opening of the ear. Stimulating this acupressure point promotes the internal secretion such as female hormone and makes the skin healthy.

Stimulation method

For the “Yanglao,” push it lightly with a bundle of toothpicks or apply a warm stimulation with a warm air drier, etc. For the “neifenmidian,” place a finger lightly on the point and push down. Be careful not to damage by a nail. Pushing it lightly using the end of the toothpick is also effective. (If it is painful, use the opposite side that is not sharp.) Stimulating every day will make the skin recovered and healthy. When stimulating, let's stimulate an ear on either side simultaneously.