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Face line

Tighten up the muscle of the face by pressing the acupressure points.

If the muscles of the face loosens with age, the cheek and jaw becomes flabby. To make your face line sharp, it is effective to stimulate the Shanglianquan and the Xiaguan.


The Shanglianquan is located in the depression just under the jaw. By stimulating the point, extra fat around your neck can be removed and may dissolve the double chin.

Xiaguan (S3)

The Xiaguan is located in the depression between the inferior of the zygomatic arch and the mandibular notch. You can feel a pain inside a jaw if you are pressing the Xiaguan. By stimulating the point, extra fat on the face line may be removed.

Stimulation method

Place the right and left thumbs on the Shanglianquan (For women, place the right thumb under the left thumb.) and place the forefinger on the Xiaguan. And then, raise your jaw and massage those points upward for ten or more times with the fingertips. Additionally, when stimulating those points, utter vigorously "A, I, U, E, and O".
It also trains the mimic muscles. Please try this method.