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Damaged Hair

Stimulating acupressure points cares damaged hair.

It is recommended to stimulate the acupressure point "shenxue" when your hair begins to be dry, brittle, or split ends. In Eastern medicine, it is said that hair has the deep relation with the adrenal gland, and if work of the adrenal gland is maintained smoothly, it is supposed that the health of hair can also be maintained.
Moreover, the reason why hair becomes thin is because the scalp used as the source which raises hair stiffens, the blood circulation becomes blunt, and nutrition stops spreading to all hairs. Therefore, hair becomes not only thin, but brittle, and even luster and color will worsen. In order to improve the blood circulation of a scalp, it is good to massage the whole scalp lightly with a finger, when a treatment agent is attached after a shampoo. Furthermore, when massaging, let's also stimulate the acupressure points "Paihui" located in the head.


This acupressure point is located on the palm side, at the center of the first joint of the little finger. Please push it for 3 times with the thumb, release it, and then push again. It is also effective to attach a grain of rice to the acupressure point with a Scotch tape and push the part.


The “Paihui” is located in the top of the head. Stimulate this acupressure point gradually with the ball of the middle finger. The blood circulation of a head is improved and the skin gradually becomes lively and healthy.
Additionally, when the nutrition balance is bad, the body has weakened, or when hair is excessively exposed to ultraviolet rays or drier, hair is easy to be damaged and become dry. Be careful.