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Bust lift up

Lift up the bust gradually by pressing the acupressure points.

A bust lift up is a trouble eternal for a woman. Simply considered, the bust is a subcutaneous fat on the breast. Although what is necessary is just to attach fat to the breast if you want to enlarge a swelling, if it does so, fat will be firmly attached also to portions other than the breast. Therefore, to enlarge a swelling of only the breast, stimulate the Shanchung and the Tienhsi. The Shanchung is related to the female hormone and helps to lift up the bust and make skin beautiful. And the Tienhsi is an acupressure points which is deeply related to growth of the mammary gland. To improve the bust skin tone and the shape, it is important to continue stimulating the above two acupressure-points.

Shanchung (CV17)

Shanchung is located in the intermediate portion of the line connecting the nipple on either side. By stimulating the point, it promotes work of the female hormone and makes it active.

Tienhsi (SP18)

The Tienhsi is located in the next of the outline of the right and left breasts, in the height of the nipple. Because stimulating the point promotes growth of the mammary gland, the beautiful bust with good skin tone and line can be made.

Stimulation method

As shown in the figure, press and massage the Tienhsi with the both thumbs as lifting up the breasts, and press the Shanchung with the forefinger and the middle finger. As a standard, repeat this method for 10 times, breathing out.