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Reverse Abdominal Breathing

Very basic breathing method for acupressure diet

The abdominal breathing is the basic breathing method of qigong. This method gradually intensifies the activity of the diaphragm, and work of the stomach and intestines and lungs become active. The reverse abdominal breathing is the basic breathing method of the acupressure diet, and it certainly decreases weight if it is continued every day. Please memorize this reverse abdominal breathing properly.

How to do the reverse abdominal breathing?

1. Extend your legs at least to the breadth of your shoulders, stands on it, make the body relax, and retract the abdomen, shifting from lower to upper little by little.

2. Inhale a breath little by little from a nose, as your breast is extended right and left. At this time, please keep your shoulders relaxed. You can feel the tension applying to a abdomen and hips. If you get used to this state, the abdomen will be contracted automatically.

3. If you inhale to the last minute that it cannot inhale any more any longer, then breathe out a breath slowly as you swell the abdomen. A diaphragm moves up and down and an celiac nerve can be stimulated moderately.

* The key point of the reverse abdominal breathing is contracting the abdomen as far as it goes.

If this breathing is continued every day, work of autonomic nerves will become active. If work of autonomic nerves becomes active, for women, such as thyroid hormone, an adrenal cortex hormone, sex hormone, secretion of indispensable hormone will become active and the metabolism of fat or moisture will be improved. Moreover, the stomach becomes small, increasing the effect of becoming slim. And since metabolism becomes better, skin also becomes beautiful fascinatingly.
In addition, it is also possible to keep the waist lithe and to correct the backbone and a large-boned distortion. That is, the reverse abdominal breathing is a useful diet method, which decreases weight, controls the body balance, and makes functions of the whole body active. Especially, it is recommended for those who want to slim the abdomen, or those who want to make a good hip line. However, avoid this breathing method during monthly periods.