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Detox wastes in the back by stimulating the acupressure points.

When you wear a swimsuit, you must be concerned about your back. If the line of the back is beautiful, you must be able to confident about wearing a swimsuit. The extra fat or swelling on your neck is caused by bad blood circulation. To remove extra fat on the back, stimulate the Zhijianxue. Doing so promotes the circulation of the blood. And stimulate the Gaohuang, which is most effective method to remove extra fat on the back. Additionally, lack of exercise and poor posture may result in increasing fat on the back. So, take an appropriate exercise and be conscious of your usual posture.


The Zhijianxue is located in every point between the forefinger and the middle finger, the middle finger and the annular finger, and the annular finger and the little finger on the back of the hand. By stimulating those points, it adjusts work of autonomic nerves and promotes detox of wastes.

Gaohuang (B38)

The Gaohuang is located in the inner lower portion of the most sharpened part on the backbone side of the shoulder blade. By stimulating the point, extra fat on the back may be removed.

Stimulation method

As shown in the figure, clasp the hands behind and bend down the upper body. While doing so, raise the hands with fat on the back pinched with both shoulders. It is the important point. Repeat this method for about 10 times. The Zhijianxue is stimulated by clasping the hands and the Gaohuang is stimulated by pinching fat on the back.