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Reduce bulging stomach by stimulating the acupressure points.

Many women have bulging stomach caused by constipation. If you have excess fat around the waist, you may looks swollen. For this problem, the following acupressure points are effective, promoting remove of accumulated fat around the waist and detox of wastes. Additionally, further effect is expectable if the Shenshu and the Chishih (refer to the clause of the waist) are stimulated together.

Tienshu (S25)

The Tienshu is located in the right and left portions three fingers away from the belly. By stimulating the point, detox of fat and wastes is promoted.

Tachu (S27)

The Tachu is located in the portion three fingers below from the Tenshu. By stimulating the point, remove of fat and wastes is promoted as well as the Tienshu.

Chihyin (B67)

The Chihyin is located in the outer side of the nail base of the little finger. By stimulating the point, the function of the kidney or a bladder is improved and remove of excessive moisture or wastes is eased. Additionally, this acupressure point is effective also in headache.

Stimulation method

As shown in a figure, with stimulating the Tienshu and the Tachu with a finger, step on the Chihyin on foot. Breathing out, twist the upper body in the direction opposite to the stepping foot and state this twisted condition for about 2 or 3 seconds. Then, return the upper body with breathing. Repeat these steps for 10 times for right and left.