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What's "Acupressure Diet" ?

"Beauty" is a common wish which every woman holds. Also, a diet is an eternal theme for a woman. However, many an existing diet method is wrong and ruins health. Originally, good health is indispensable to be beauty. Therefore, to lose weight healthy, you must take gentle care of your body during diet.
Eastern medicine is the medicine that regards man as a natural part and that increases the natural healing capacity the body itself originally has. The acupressure diet is a diet method using the acupressure-points treatment that is one of the Eastern medicines, and a healthy diet method for loosing weight simply and certainly by stimulating the acupressure points which works on a worried portion.
Please practice this acupressure diet through this site, and get healthy and beauty body!

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Please see the following figure and click the portion which you worry or the portion which wants to become slim. Then, detailed page on the portion appears.